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About PolyglotParty


Learning another language is not an easy task. It involves memorization, hours of class work, self-discipline and perhaps the most important ingredient – PRACTICE. Flash cards can only take you so far in your quest to attain fluency – at a certain point you have to take your new language out for a night on the town. That is where PolyglotParty comes in to play.


Founded by Arnaud Portanelli, Johann Querne, and Guillaume Le Dieu de Ville, PolyglotParty is part of the LINGUEO Group, who specializes in helping people practice their language skills. was launched in 2008, and became a leading online platform which links teachers with thousands of students worldwide, who wish to learn or practice languages via video conference sessions.

The same principle of making it easy for people to connect and practice languages has guided the development of, a popular social network where language lovers of all ages can take their speaking skills out for a test drive.
With the social network being 100% free, and the possibility to find PolyglotParty groups, events, a wall, the opportunity to indicate what you like on just about everything, no wonder TechCrunch, the leading magazine of web and technology, has recently crowned as "The Facebook of Languages"!


So, whether by finding a language partner online, or attending one of the Polyglot parties conducted each month in different  venues (right now in Paris, and soon in major cities around the globe!) - gives you the opportunity to connect and practice languages in a fun, natural, and friendly environment!